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In 2016, Technology Is The New Way Of Making A Bold Fashion Statement

Le 15 octobre 2016, 10:24 dans Humeurs 0

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when I say fashionable technology? Is it the $200 smartwatch from Samsung? A pair of intelligent glasses from Google? An expensive piece of smart clothing handcrafted by your favorite designer? While these are quite apparently the obvious guesses, the integration of technology into fashion is far deeper than you might have imagined.

For a moment, let us try and understand how the 21st century tends to see fashion. It is not about living up to the current trend or following the industry standards. It is about going out of the norm to create something bold and impactful, something that would make the rest of the world look your way. It is about making an impression, it is about telling a story. It’s a little to do with what you think of yourself, and a lot more to do with what you want others to think of you. It is about using your external appearances as a means to convey your internal being as you wish to convey it to the people before you. Naturally, for a person so conscious of what others think of them, fashion isn’t limited merely to the clothes one wears. It’s about the entirety of their public image. What you do, where you go, how and when you make your mark upon the world, it’s all part of your fashion. Everything about you that is up for public display is part of your fashion. Given that this is indeed the 21st century, and technology consists of a huge chunk of what we do with our lives, it is only fair that the technology we use goes forward to say a whole lot about your sense of fashion.

Remember that little catchphrase that you had to include under every email and that went on to become a very popular internet etiquette after the release of the first iPhone in 2007? Yes, ‘Sent from my iPhone’ originally started out as an excuse for being brief in an online correspondence. Then, as Apple’s signature brand of smartphones gained further acceptance, it became a sort of humblebrag for the Internet’s elite. Soon enough, everybody started using it, whether or not the message was indeed sent from their iPhone or if they even owned an iPhone in the first place. And thus was born a brand new net etiquette.

If I were asked to mention one key example of how a popularly used piece of technology can be turned into a fashion statement, I would name the iPhone. An outstanding example of how to do branding really well, Apple’s range of premium smartphones has everything it needs to be a youthful sensation. A buffet of unique features, high-end hardware and software, access to a vast array of possibilities, groundbreaking security additions and very premium price to put icing on the cake. It is exactly the kind of thing you would expect the seventeen-year-old son of a corporate billionaire to fall for. And since we all would like nothing more than to be part of the 1% the rest of the populace is sure to follow. There is no doubt that the iPhone is indeed a magnificent device with features that extend well beyond its competitors, but next time you find yourself shopping for a smartphone at an Apple store, ask yourself the question: do you want to buy an iPhone because you actually need it, or just because you want to own it?

Let’s face it. Technology is no longer just a part of our lifestyle, it is the whole of it. Be it the fancy sports car that sits in your garage or the gigantic 4K television that adorns your living room, every single piece of technology that you own has got something to say about your taste and your standard of living. Are you cool enough to update your smartphone every year? Are you smart enough to wire your entire house for intelligent connectivity? For the typical urban elite, nothing matters more than to walk hand-in-hand with the current society, and technology is too big a part of it to ignore. Sure, there’s always people who don’t buy into the typical herd mentality, who don’t care about social acceptance as much as they do about being content with oneself. But we all know that isn’t a common trait.

Believe it or not, a huge percentage of the technology we own exists simply out of the need for social acceptance and showmanship than an actual need for the product. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just the way it is. By birth, human beings are social creatures. Deep-seated into our very mindset is the typical tribe mentality and the need to be accepted and acknowledged by the people around us. We can do that either by following the herd or standing out of it, but no matter what we do, it stems from a singular need to be recognized. When we buy ourselves a shiny new gadget from Amazon, our first instinct is to show it off within our own social circle. It’s not boastfulness so much as a need to be recognized by the people around us that drives us to measures like that. In 2016, technology is an undeniable part of our society and culture. It is inside everything that we do every single day of our lives. No doubt, it has found its way into the heart of our need for social acceptance. No doubt it is part of our fashion.

J.W. Anderson and Versace's Versus play with femininity at LFW

Le 24 septembre 2016, 11:41 dans Mode 0

J.W. Anderson and Versus were just two of the labels showing their spring/summer 2017 collections at fashion week in London.

The idea of gender and clothes, specifically the norms of how a woman or man should dress, is central to designer Jonathan Anderson’s work. In both his womenswear and menswear he undercuts societal conventions by suggesting an alternate dress code.

His autumn/winter 2013 menswear collection famously put dresses firmly back into focus, while last season’s womenswear show took apart the staid and formal idea of the 1960s cocktail dress, adding sportswear silk zip-up tops and superhero capes.

For spring/summer 2017, Anderson continued the theme, citing Henry VIII, that symbol of brattish masculinity as an inspiration for his womenswear collection. One top, which was divided into four sections with slashed ribboned arms and unfastened belt detail, recalled the classic brocaded Tudor waistcoat in the king’s most famous portrait. Another, in grey, with a more robust ribbon detailing on the sleeves and a stiffness in the chest, suggested the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

“I like the idea of a woman wearing something that is so masculine. The shape is very empowering,” Anderson said backstage, thinking about the word “armour” before backtracking.

If those pieces boldly questioned gendered silhouettes, there were also pieces in the collection that wrestled with the idea of femininity in a more subtle way. There were the androgynous conical-shaped tops with exaggerated donut sleeves and necklines, and the Christmas tree-like tops and dresses made from a bounty of floating Irish linen. They were bunched together in pastel shades of sea blue, pale canary yellow and pale pink, which floated like waves when the models walked in them and the effect was akin to watching an ice-cream slowly melting in the midday sun.

Later in the day Donatella Versace, a fashion icon who represents a ultra-feminine European fabulousness, debuted her latest collection from Versus, the Versace spin-off label that is 20-years-old this year.

Like Anderson, Versace was interested in giving a persona to her collection. This was for the “bad girl who breaks the rules,” she said earlier in the day; the Versus girl eschews conventional beauty and shares a wardrobe with her boyfriend.

Taking her cue from the street style trends which have dictated the fashion conversation for the last few seasons, the designer created a full-throttle take on the military, utility and athleisure trends.

There was a mango-coloured belt bra, lots of slashed materials and a metal mesh dress that was constructed with no stitching, like a sneaker. While the materials used – neoprene and parachute fabric – suggested a futuristic, bionic woman who not only knew her own mind but knew how to protect herself. Like Anderson, Versace’s collection was about re-imagining the modern woman as autonomous and powerful.

Bags For All And All For Bags! There Is A Type For Every Lifestyle

Le 10 septembre 2016, 09:20 dans Humeurs 0

While it's important to own an appropriate bag for every occasion, at least by the time one reaches their 30's, it's also okay to have some fun pieces as well. At some point, a woman wants to make sure she has the perfect bags to go along with each and every outfit in her wardrobe. Thankfully it's easier than it sounds. Here is a breakdown of the must-have bags for women of all walks of life.

The Satchel: 

There's one main rule when it comes to choosing bags, and that's to keep them in neutral colors. This way they will work in the office and at play. Black, brown, grey, navy and camel are the top colors that will go with any outfit at all. Choose something with a cross-body strap for active lifestyles, and something with handles on top for desk jobs and the like. Structured styles are more polished and professional. Get the right size too! Bags should hold everything one needs to get through the work day.

A Backpack: 

It's time to rediscover this school-time favorite, as there are many "grown-up" backpacks that are stylish and functional even for a working adult. Forget the tote and go with a classy backpack, it's surprising how these bags have morphed over the last few years. They look every bit as polished as a tote, and are just big enough to hold more than a cross-body would. Perfect!

A Great Tote: 

That is not to discount the tote. A polished tote is perfect for a road-trip or if one has a few extra things more than usual. It's fun to add to a tote to make it one's own using tiny embellishments and the like. Made in quality leather they will never go out of style and last a lifetime, possibly.

A Classy Clutch: 

Anyone can bring out their street style when they choose to add a statement clutch to their stash of bags. These are perfect for just a casual jeans and t-shirt day or for a night out on the town. Turn heads with this new favorite that can be grabbed to go along with just about anything when one is at a loss as to what bag will be perfect.

Cross Body: 

Whatever the occasion, every woman should have a cross-body in her stash of bags. They work well for a dinner date, or a night out with friends. They are just the right size to carry only what one needs to freshen up or get into the clubs. Use the strap to make it easier to move around and choose something that is fun with tiny details that still "pop" for onlookers.

An Evening Bag: 

Whether a mini strap bag or clutch, every girl should have a stunning after-hours bag that will be perfect for the most upscale of parties. While black is always the best option, the most important consideration is to find a style that has understated details, like a velvet quilted style or satin choice.

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