Going up

Corner-liner Singer Jhené Aiko has a giant upside-down triangle shaded in the inner corner of her eye. Completely works.

Soap Co Super-chic packaging for gift sets made by a workforce of disabled people, and less than £40. Tick, tick and tick.

Chandeliers The bigger and more ostentatious, the better. See Alexander McQueen’s London apartment, which is for sale.

Topman x Nicce Because it’s always cheering to see a big player work with a small one.

Tinashe Our Britney Spears-collaborating, “Bae watch”-inventing singer has dropped Nightride, a great surprise album in a year of great surprise albums.

Bleached braids Zoë Kravitz’s hair is an example of how to do statuesque and effortlessly cool.

Going down

Guns on the catwalk Tatiana Efremova’s show featured models brandishing massive firearms. In a post-Trump world, this is too real for us.

Drake’s style Pink fur jacket, skull tattoo: R U OK, Drizzy hun?

Cropped trenchcoats On men. See Sickboy in the new Trainspotting.

Mannequin challenge Not that we’re pooh-poohing a Destiny’s Child reunion, but isn’t this just grownup musical statues?

Post-election panic It’s now about the chill. Vigils in New York. Yoga classes on the rise.

Baby bucket bags Mansur Gavriel’s tiny bucket bag: cute, but room for only a Nokia and a travel toothbrush.