From Brexit to the US election, it’s fair to say there’s an air of insecurity in the world right now, and in times of uncertainty it’s unwise to make rash purchases. A hasty pursuit of the newest trends may temporarily satisfy the urge to splurge but it’s far wiser to think a little further ahead and invest in something that has staying power.

The holy grail of a shopping trip is the purchase of something timeless that will add untold value to any wardrobe repertoire; seamlessly blending in and transcending both trends and seasons. So while the shop rails may currently be full of bargain-bin summer sale stock, it’s worth shelling out a little more for ultimate cost-per-wear value.

Designers have made this mid-season point a commercial gold pot with pre-collections that drop into store before the main new season collections and offer the customers more pragmatic purchases then the heavy, trend-led pieces that dominate the catwalks. The first stop on the quest for such inherently wearable pieces should be tailoring: a well-cut white shirt or double-breasted blazer will outlast any runway piece.

Next up is accessories. More often than not these are the hardest working items in the wardrobe, which helps justify spending a little more for a well-made tote bag or shoes. Leather may stretch the purse strings but it is always a smart purchase, while the biker jacket is a perennial favourite. More recently all manner of leather pieces have found a long-term home in the wardrobe. A pencil skirt in soft black leather is versatile enough to wear to work but can be easily dressed up for the evening. For a more contemporary angle try culottes which are just as adaptable.

It might still be August, but believe it or not winter coats are beginning to drop in store now. The smart money is with classic belted and double-breasted numbers in neutral shades of camel, tan, black and navy. Snap one up now to avoid slim pickings when the cold weather sets in.