Alexa Chung will launch a fashion line called Alexachung in May 2017. In a statement, the 32-year-old – with typical kook – commented: “With this first collection, I aim not only to delight your eyeballs but to furnish your wardrobe with all of your soon-to-be favourite pieces.” 

The truth is, she’s probably on to something. Chung has, arguably, become one of the biggest influencers on what young women wear over the past decade. Her own line follows a series of collaborations with other brands including Madewell and Eyeko, drawing on her own personal style. After AG Jeans last year, Chung curated an Archive collection for Marks & Spencer in April. Using her taste – retro chic filtered with an arched eyebrow – she took the wholesome staples from M&S over the years and made them appealing again for millennials. After a career as a model and TV presenter, Chung has found a niche mining her personal style and selling it back as new product. She is committed to this new venture: with six staff members recruited and stockists including Selfridges and on board.

Based on those collabs and staples in the Chung wardrobe, here are six things we predict you’ll be lusting after come in May next year.

Denim cut-offs

Chung has a particular treasured pair of cut-offs that she has worn time and time again. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this link. While AG let her flex her denim muscle, this might be the time to see her replicate those particular shorts – for her own wardrobe as well as other members of the hotpant tribe.

Piecrust collar

The piecrust in Chung’s M&S collection was the breakout star, and no wonder. She’s a master of wearing a frill without looking like a) Margaret Thatcher or b) Prince George in a royal portrait. She’s likely to use these skills for her own line. Expect piecrusts and other ironic thrift store items to abound.

Waxed jacket

This is a Chung festival staple and, with Chung watched like a hawk come June and Glastonbury, it’s a no brainer. Worn this year with PVC trousers and Hunters, expect the design to be oversized with big pockets. All the better for contrasting with a slim silhouette from the waist down.


Sure, Chung had a hand in the ballet flat craze of the midnoughties. But there’s also the loafer – she has moved from the classic Russell & Bromley style to the fur-lined backless Gucci ones (the fashion insider shoe of choice) in the past couple of years. Her own design will probably fall on the preppy side of the line – a penny loafer perhaps.


Maybe obvious but, when you’re a celebrity trying their hand at designing, obvious is your way in. Dungarees are such a Chung staple that they’re almost a cliche – a dictionary definition of Chung style. And that is exactly why she should include a pair in this collection.

Boring knitwear

Chung has always used her resemblance to a young Jean Shrimpton as a counterpoint to wearing really boring clothes – the implication being if you look like that, you can wear dowdy and make it look cool. The cardigan – mohair, bobbly, long, grey – is the classic way to do this. There will have to be one here – and you’ll want it, whatever your own resemblance to Shrimpton might be.